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About This Site

This website is the main public facing website for Next Level Athletic. The site itself is managed and maintained by Next Level Athletic.

Purpose of the site:

The core purpose of this site is to educate and inform visitors about the following things:
WhoNext Level Athletic is
The history ofNext Level Athletic
WhatNext Level Athletic does
Where we are located
Inform the user about the services available at a particular location
Provide avenues for someone to contact us to gain more information about our services and to ultimately determine whether or not Next Level Athletic offers the right services.

Site Structure:

TheNext Level Athletic website has been designed to conform to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines.

Enhancements to the Site:

The website is continually undergoing upgrades and enhancements. We strive to provide a friendly UI/UX when visitors navigate the website. Part of this is done through internal testing and some also through the outside help from UI/UX partners.

Linking Policy

Inbound Links to our website:

We encourage other sites to consider linking to this website.

When you link to our website, please let us know. We may be interested in sharing your website page on some of our social media.

Please note: Any inbound links may not be placed in a manner that is misleading or that implies a relationship betweenNext Level Athletic and your website/product/service, or that you or your website is affiliated in any way with that of Next Level Athletic.

Outbound Links:

This website contains links to other websites that are not controlled by Next Level Athletic. Where applicable, we have reviewed the content of the website; however, Next Level Athletic is not responsible for the content on those sites and does not necessarily endorse their content. We provide these links as a service to the user and it is the responsibility of the web user to make their own assessments/determinations about the accuracy, reliability, relevance and correctness of information found.

You’d like to have us link to your website? Fantastic. We’re pleased that you find our content reliable and credible and that our businesses complement one another.

There are two different ways you can request a link to be added from our website to your website:

Request a Text Link:

To request a link be included from this website to your website, please e-mail the Marketing Team with your request. In your request, please include all relevant information for the link including (but not limited to): indicating your website URL, the nature of your website, the location of the link (e.g. specific page and referencing a certain text), and the proposed link format.

Guest Blog:

We love relevant content our members may find valuable. To request a link from a guest blog, please follow the directions listed above under “Request a Text Link”. In your request, please provide your blog post and any images for the post. Images must be either royalty free or images in which you own the rights (verification of the ownership of the image may be required).

Contacting a webmaster

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Next Level Athletic website, simply email us by our contact form. The inquiry will be directed to the webmaster.

Site Design and Hosting:

This site was designed by Next Level Athletic on a Wordpress platform and is hosted on servers owned/managed by Pantheon.